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Search Results - Sales Officer-Credit Cards (Dubai Based)
TitleSales Officer-Credit Cards (Dubai Based)
CodeInnovn/CC Sales
Summary1.Job will involve sourcing potential customers who are interested in using credit cards. 2.Selling bank payroll accounts to the corporate. 3.He/She should posses good knowledge about the product and an excellent sales experience. 4.He/She should have a good data base and very good amount of reference and contacts.
DetailsPreferably someone who is having minimum 1 to 3 years experience in selling cards in UAE market. Freshers with bank home experience can also apply.
Key SkillsSales, Marketing, Credit Cards.
Min. Experience (in year)1
Max. Experience (in year)5
Contact PersonMonica
Contact Number044578950
Posting Date16/06/2010
Min. Salary (AED)4000
Max. Salary (AED)7000
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Language KnownEnglish + other language
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